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Message from his present self to his past

Dear me,

Like that wise old man would say, hindsight has 20/20 vision. So with the benefit of hindsight there are some things I would like you to know.

  1. Study a soft course: e.g. Sociology, English, literature, etc that you can easily sail through without really studying and with no more than a quarter of your brain and use most of your available time in the university to: (i) Code, code and code (hone your skills till its razor-sharp) (ii) Create your startup company while in school. Since academic work would be a no brainer, you would have lots of time to do the above instead of studying.
  2. Have loads of fun in the university: even while honing your coding skills, have lots of fun. Join clubs, go to crazy parties, do lots of sports, join a religious organization (if so inclined). Just go out and have fun, meet people, mix, interact. Why? doing so will make you have very strong social skills which would come in handy when running your startup, handling your workers, business partners etc. So you don’t end up being the typical geek who has zero social skills and names his laptop Wendy.
  3. Dont have a job: If your startup kicks off while in school, there would really be no need for you to get a job after graduation (not that there are any waiting out there) but I can’t stress this point enough, PLEASE DONT GET A JOB. Running a startup or young company is a difficult task on its own not to talk of combining it with a full days job. It would kill you. Read this to know why.

Mistakes always teach lessons that are hard to forget but there are some mistakes that should not be committed in the first place.

Yours Sincerely.